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This tool allows you to use a Microsoft Kinect sensor as a MIDI Controller.

The the project uses Microsoft Kinect SDK to track the skeletal data.
The Kinect SDK provides the logic to detect the X and Y Co-ordinates of a user's hands.

The X & Y Co-ordinates are then scaled and converted to MIDI messages.

These MIDI messages are then sent to the MIDI output port. The tool contains a .NET Wrapper for the MIDI interfacing methods provided by winmm.dll Win32 API.

The tool requires a virtual MIDI Cable software to create virtual MIDI ports. This tool works with loopMIDI virtual MIDI Cable to connect to a Digital Audio Workbench. The loopMIDI software allows the user to create a virtual MIDI hardware port. The output of the KinectMIDIController tool is fed as an input to the Virtual MIDI cable. The output of the virtual MIDI cable is then used as an input to a DAW.

Watch a demo here:

Future enhancements wishlist
  • Add Hover and Move Functionality
  • Add X-Y Controller and Knobs UI.
  • Add support for multiple users.
  • Add UI controls for tweaking Kinect smoothing parameters.
  • Remove dependency on loopMIDI, eliminating the extra step of asking the user to create the virtual ports manually.
  • Create a VST plugin.

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